Shot From a Canon Into Heaven's Great, Open Mouth

by Hybrid Sheep Organizer

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For Rachel Dean and John Lothrop. May there be some peace for them now.

Gathered in seance features Abbey Leach

Sorry for the very low volume. Crank it for best results.

Special thanks to River Merrill, Amy Eichelberger, Micah Stevens, and Parker Nettles for inspiring me and being excellent friends.


released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Hybrid Sheep Organizer Boise, Idaho

Bittersweet sounds
assembled and organized
for the (intended!) improvement of the universe.

Alex Kent
River Merrill
Micah Stevens
Matt Makkai
Wheeler Bills
Lauren Koenan
Connor Schwab
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Track Name: Mouths Stretched To Mother Bird
With woven hands, we walk barefoot, we're crossing streams
From carpet bomb airplanes, we will drop anything
That seems to heavy for us to hold on our tongues
A rabbit's foot around your neck, well good luck to you
I Will stay put, like a weed, I have grown into
Something that's ugly parts are not always discreet
That which eats the sweetest honey from pollen-soaked bees

And I am my shadow; a lesser part of myself
Much like a slug is just a snail without a shell
Hover above you and slip my fingers in your mouth
And if you listen carefully, you'll be rewarded with
My tongue in an urn, which strips your longing to live
Hover above you and slip my fingers in your mouth
I am the chisel the carves out the name on your grave
I am the chisel that carves the wrinkles in your face

I have no faith in God, cause I've no fucking faith in myself
We are stale holy wafers set aside to collect dust on the shelf
And the mountains look better without any flags at their peaks
And what more can be said when your tongue is torn out from your teeth
And I try to hold it together but I am so afraid to die
But I don't to live forever, eternity is just too long a time

And I'm sorry, I need you know that I'm sorry
I want you to know that I love you, no matter how difficult things are
I still hold you close in the dark

And you share way too much in common with the one
That Saint Michael cast below the cloudy floor
Tell me you love me and get down upon your knees and pray that Whatever god exists forgives me
The mother pine; it sat erect above my head, you loathe the living but you dearly miss the dead
And on your bed; we're planting seeds upon your chest
As I try and imagine what you look like undressed

Watch a video of you learning to walk, I see your face is Rorschach blots, everywhere
And now they're saying that I'll pay for what I did, but I was just a stupid kid, nothing more

And xanax is a pill much easier to swallow than admitting to the world that you were wrong
It's harder to say you're sorry for the things you've done than it is to write another pathetic song
Closed-casket funeral, cause not a single one of us could bear to see you with a hole inside your head
And I tried my best to loosen up your noose but I think that I just tightened it instead
Track Name: Gathered in Seance (For Frozen Water)
With shoes fashioned from buckskin
We will wander in the snow
I speak to my dead loved-ones
By carving words in my windows
And it's here I found you dancing
Wrapped up in animal pelts
It's here I'll find you lying
In a grave meant for someone else

Behold the stag slaughtered in the snowy field
His skull now the home of a cricket's family

All apostles and apostates
Gather where your soul now haunts
And from words, we've all abstained
All gathered in a seance

Behold the lovers crawling on all fours
The place where my flesh was inserted into yours

And we pained our mother the same way and we came from the same orifice
And gathered sticks and twine to build our wooden fortress
My brother and I
My brother and I

We had our birthday and then one more, and then we'd have another
Time crafted a wedge that would divide me and my brother
What is and will be, will always come to pass
But our wooden fortress will forever last

Scolded by my father for torturing a cricket
And ever since the day, I have begged him for forgiveness
My father and I
My father and I
And I captured the badger that slaughtered all our chickens
And he handed me a gun I could not bring myself to kill it
What is and will be, will always come to pass
But the mercy my dad taught me will forever last

I see you as a child
Cradled in the antlers of a deer
And I was the spotted fawn
Staring up in white-tail jealousy
When you are the sun, and I am the moon
All the light I make
All the light I make; It comes from you

And the things I hate the most about you
Are the things I hate the most about me too
As leaves whisper the names of black ghosts within the branches
You are Rubin Pritchard falling down upon your hatchet

As I watch this pond water freeze for my eighteenth time
I fear that your life ended as soon as you gave me mine
Your breath will fade and your body will turn to ash
But your memory, in me, forever lasts
Track Name: Little Lambs
Your tongue slithers outwards and fucks the keyhole
Where I lay with lambs in bed
Holding a pillow in the absence of a lover
Holding a pillow in the absence of my mother

So just leave her alone, you'll only bring her down
And just fertilize me, plant me deep in the ground
Then the roots are choked out in the absence of water
And the livestock will starve in the absence of fodder

And there's but one man I hate, he sucks the light from my head
He writes all these songs and he sleeps in my bed
And he wonders how his insignificant life will end
He wonders how people would feel if they found him dead

And it cut out my heart and it poured in the salt
To see my father cry and know that it was my fault
Track Name: Fucked by Punk Rock and Set to the Sun
This morning I awoke to the sound of a bird
Flying into my window; It's voice never heard
By the ears on my skull and I thought of you
Invisible walls blocking your every move
And your song is equivalent to birds somewhere near
When you're trying to find what makes the sounds that you hear
Like the redwing-blackbird who hides the red in his wings,
You're too scared to listen to the songs that I sing
And I don't understand, I hope someday that I will
Why you're treated as someone who has no cup to fill
And it kills me to hear that you can't stand yourself
Nobody will read you on the top of the shelf
I'm sorry you're stuck here, but I'm hard to read too
I'd love to be opened but I'd love more for you
To witness the pleasure of a lover's warm seed
So be it, if someday, that lover is not me

We're a couple of birds, we sing among each other
No one knows what we say, but we won't let that be a a bother
And nobody really gets it, that is except for you
You're as willing to listen as the blue-bird is blue
So lay in this nest, a lovely fit for two
And when you awake, I'll catch a worm for you

And I'm guilty of viewing the world through the eyes
Of those who have less things they love than despise
And I've mentioned before, a bird and a stream
But the bird is held captive by the walls it can't see
And you've mentioned ideas of spilling your brains
So i might understand what your tongue isn't saying
You admit that you hear me, my shy, bashful call
My meaning still hidden behind metaphysical walls
So now with a stream of chords, words, and notes
I wait for response, be it of worms or of swords
And please do not listen when I'm branded a gimmick
They'll tell you that Judas is the one whom I mimic
And the sound of you breathing is the oar of my raft
And the will to keep living is the sound of your laugh
And I'm not 100% sure that there is any god above
I'm 100% sure that you're the one I love