Body Erased Through Sonic Redemption!

by Hybrid Sheep Organizer

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Thank you so much for checking out our music. We love you all very much. It means the absolute world to us.

Special thanks to all the wonderful musicians who were able to put this shit together, Scott Goldfarb for putting up with all the NOISE, mom/dad, Justin Nielsen for teaching me anything and everything I Know about music, anyone who still shoots in film, new friends, old friends, and anything/anyone I'm forgetting. You hold a very special place in my heart, and you are never forgotten.


released April 20, 2017

Alex Kent-Guitar, vocals, tapes, production.......
Lauren Koenen-Cello
Matt Makkai-Bass, Upright, Dulcimer
Wheeler Bills- Violin
River Merrill-Drums

The instruments used on this record are as follows:
Guitar, cello, bass, upright bass, violin, drums, tapes, banjo, mandolin, organ, piano, glockenspiel, Rhodes, penny whistle, recorder, bassoon, bass clarinet, flute, dulcimer, and (extremely briefly on Exhale) a synthesizer.



all rights reserved


Hybrid Sheep Organizer Boise, Idaho

Bittersweet sounds
assembled and organized
for the (intended!) improvement of the universe.

Alex Kent
River Merrill
Micah Stevens
Matt Makkai
Wheeler Bills
Lauren Koenan
Connor Schwab
... more

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Track Name: Waxing/Waning
Stripped of your clothes and thrust you in the sea
Put a hole in a man's chest
Put a hole in me
Put a hole in me
The trees all bowed down
To the mighty wind
Dogs are a close second
But man's best friend is sin

Waxing and waning she sits in the sky
And her form is revealed in the birth of the night
And she'll stay there till she's chased away by the light
And it makes no damn difference; this mile in your shoes
Ask myself all the time, "hey man, what's it to you?
What the fuck is it to you?"
Track Name: Exhale (Breathe Out)
(Time Heals All)
But there is one thing that time cannot mend
A month in the bed
2 months now, in the ground
A month spent behind in a hospital gown
Seeds sprout soon to make seeds of their own
Too heard to be welcomed
Too loved to be shunned
Now I lay down my body a servant to none
And I am yours, do unto me what you will
You can beat me
And strip me
And break all my bones
As long as I don't have to be alone

And your latin was decent, but not quite enough
To release the demons housed in your love
Like a bigger with a mouth full of food
I've never met somebody as full of shit as you
You say "To kill is but a sin, if it's me you ask!"
As you incinerate ants under cigarette ash
Like a bigger with a mouth full of food
I've never met someone as hopeless as you

You might be baptized in the water but are you cleansed of your sins
If it's you yourself, my darling, that you'll never forgive?
I might be baptized in the water, but I've done things I can't ignore
And if everyone suffers, what's your suffering worth?